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The rapid advances in the field of Information Technology (IT) are affecting the society in more than one way. The digital technology has brought a lot of developments in all fields of life and culture but at the same time, it creates an imminent danger to some of the basic rights that individual and industries possessed before its influence. “Copyright law has a history of development that can partly be explained by reference to technological challenges. The Internet is undoubtedly the best source for transmitting and reproducing information in the present information era. The information available on the internet comprises of copyrighted and infringed works. Today we are living in a world of paperless publication where the flow of information from the author to the reader takes place in machine readable forms. Putting the same in other words it can be stated that cyberspace has changed the phrase and concept of electronic publication. For the holder of the copyright, cyberspace appears to be the worst of both worlds – a place where the ability to copy could not be better, and where the protection of law could not be worse.” Changes in technology have made it inevitable and imperative to have a review of the copyright act of the whole world. Law is an instrument of social change and this is very much true with regard to the law of copyright. This branch of law had to survive the influence of various new technologies which were involved in the printing press, sound recording, video recording and photocopying machines.

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